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[CM] NARUTO OC- Team Hoozuki by fisher903
Mystical Palm Technique by jesterry
Hozuki vs Choryunami by CristianaLeone
Orochimaru and Choryunami (for Choryunami) by Machina-Su
Oni to Ryuu ni Tsuite: the story
Tokimasa Choryunami
Choryunami by MartinaBruiPH
Choryunami by itaXita
Interpretation of sound / Commission by katagro
Choryunami by fisher903 by Choryunami
Shirogaku Hoozuki
[Cheap Comm] Hoozuki by AngelLale87
First Mission / Commission by katagro
Hoozuki Shirogaku by Choryunami
Kurohoni Senryuu
[CM] NARUTO OC- Senryuu by fisher903
Choryunami and Hoozuki
Hozuki vs Choryunami by CristianaLeone
[CM] NARUTO OC- Team Hoozuki by fisher903
Kunoichi by Choryunami
Choryunami and Orochimaru
Orochimaru and Choryunami (for Choryunami) by Machina-Su
Choryunami and Kabuto
Mystical Palm Technique by jesterry
Forward by Su-Kichuya by Choryunami
Choryunami and Kabuto by BroDare by Choryunami
Shodanya and Kakashi
Anya and Kakashi-wrong dawn [COLORING] by Nivalis70
Tokimasa clan
Hinamatsuri by Choryunami


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Oni to Ryū ni Tsuite: an introduction

Hozuki vs Choryunami by CristianaLeone
Group icon drawn by the amazing CristianaLeone!

"Oni to Ryū ni Tsuite", or "Of Demons and Dragons", is a Naruto fanfiction I began to create in late 2006-early 2007 together with anyachan and minomininni (both have been inactive on DA for a long while, but they still deserve all the credit I can give!).
Each one of us "created" (or maybe simply got to know...) their own character and their stories, and then they began to connect and intertwine more and more deeply...

This group was born to collect everything about this story and its characters, be it our own chapters and drawings or gifts and commissions from artists and friends around DA and beyond.

We tried hard to create this daring but still reasoned story always keeping in mind canon characters and timelines, even when the latter happened to be a bit confused and vague.
It continuously interweaved (and still interweaves) with the official Naruto plot, and that’s why it kept unfolding little by little. Above all, it’s been striking to see how our inventions seemed to be officially confirmed -or at least potentially accepted- by Kishimoto’s revelations later in the manga. (And this is particularly true for Choryunami's connection with dragons, which was one of the very first things to be defined back in 2006!)

So, get ready for unexpected twists and bewildering revelations! Please take your seats and enjoy the ride through ancient legends and epic clashes…

Naruto is © Masashi Kishimoto
Tokimasa Choryunami is © :iconchoryunami:
Shirogaku Hoozuki/Shodanya is © :iconanyachan:
Kurohoni Senryuu is © :iconminomininni:


I'm incredibly happy and also quite incredulous to announce that the complete synopsis of the main events of the fanfiction is finally finished and uploaded here on DA. At last!

I'm well aware it's nothing like a literary masterpiece =D, but at least it recaps the whole story and finally gives an overall picture of what it's all about.

As you know, I was planning to post a single deviation, but in the end I had to split it into two parts since it was too big... and by the way, I'm particularly proud of the index in the beginning that will send you directly to any specific mini-chapter in the summary, if need be. ;p

So, with no further ado... here you go!

Oni to Ryuu ni Tsuite - Complete synopsis (1/2)
01.  About the Tokimasa Clan and Choryunami
02.  Vanity and Pride
03.  Truths Unveiled
04.  Knights and Monsters
05.  Reaching out
Oni to Ryū ni Tsuite - Complete synopsis (Part 2/2)
01.  About the Tokimasa Clan and Choryunami
Once justly famous and honoured for wisdom and great-heartedness, the Tokimasa clan is said to have been living in the Rice Field country for centuries. Their distinctive colours are blue and gold, being their most used emblem a golden dragon on a blue background.
Actually, it is said that Tokimasa clan members were once renown for being wise and powerful dragon summoners: their ability was not a real kekkei genkai, since it required a summoning technique, but it wasn’t either a simple summoning jutsu, since, as
Oni to Ryuu ni Tsuite - Complete synopsis (2/2)Oni to Ryū ni Tsuite – Complete synopsis (Part 1/2)
06.  Revenge and Redemption
07.  Pain and Hope
08.  Phoenix Burn
06.  Revenge and Redemption
Orochimaru was dead. Killed by his favourite pupil, no less. This is what Senryū overheard during one of his solo missions, mostly from former Sound prisoners who were now on a spree, and casually told Choryunami, knowing she would have not been unaffected by such an update, but also hoping she could quickly overcome whatever shock she could feel and easily recover from it. As for him, he was mostly annoyed by the fact that someone had deprived him of the pleasure of killing the monster. Senryū had been too detached and optimistic, though. She was incredulous at first: Orochimaru had promised her immortality, for himself and for her, had she chose
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